Denim trees

Hello all!

I have looked all over the internet for cool denim up-cycles and I have compiled this list of 10 of the best Christmas denim decorations!. I hope you enjoy them!

First of I found this beautiful wreath. I know it is not just denim but also other cotton colours however I think this is a great inspiration for your upcycle projects.

Denim wreath

I could not bypass these super cute denim trees, how creative are they!?. You could decorate the denim trees with literally anything!

Denim trees

If however you would like to buy them instead of making them, check out these lovely Christmas trees. They are simple but very delicate, they will look very pretty with any theme you might have at home.

Denim Christmas trees

Following the same lace and denim theme, I also found these denim houses, sooo cute!

Denim houses Christmas decorations

Next is one of my favourite’s bloggers out there, Claire from Pillar box blue. She makes such stunning projects with all king of materials, my personal favourite ones though are always all about denim.

Denim Christmas tree

I found a project for even the most novice of all of the DIYers!. What do you think of this denim wreath?. 

Simply torn some denim scraps and tie them up to a wreath. This is on my list to make this year!

Denim Wreath

An embroidery pattern

Next is a totally different idea, granted you make the next project with any fabric but can you imaging making this embroidery in a fabric such as denim?

I think it will look amazing!

Embroidery Christmas denim

Did you know I also made a up-cycled denim Christmas stocking

Luz upcycle denim stocking

There are many pictures on the post to guide you so you can make this lovely Christmas stocking

Luz upcycle denim stocking

If you fancy a quick project you can’t go wrong with this next design! as you wont need much fabric to make  this Christmas tree. Simply cut some strips out of old jeans and wrap around a cone!

Christmas tree with starLastly you can use the same idea, what about wrapping a present with it!

Denim present wrap

I hope this short list of projects will get your creative juices going!

Have a lovely weekend!

Luz xx